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ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS 70 Bar Gas Suppression System

ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS is a 70 bar system, which helps reduce the footprint, installation and service time by offering higher fill densities up to 1.4kg/L to reduce the number of containers. The increased pressure also permits the containers to be located much further from the protected space and increases the ability to introduce selector valves to protect multiple hazards from a single container bank.

Additionally, pipe sizes may be reduced increasing the economy and design flexibility. The system benefits from new software, designed to maximise the benefits of the SAPPHIRE PLUS system.

The ANSUL® Fire Suppression Systems delivering 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a safe, environmentally friendly clean agent that instantly vaporizes upon discharge, absorbing heat and providing total flooding of protected spaces.

All the benefits of NOVEC 1230 with the potential where several hazards are within 100 meters of each other to reduce the amount of agent and footprint of the cylinders by providing a central bank for all protected areas.

At Thompson ( Contact Link ) we have installed 100’s of NOVEC / Saphire systems.  With our Ansul UL First Fill station located in Qatar we can Custom fill the correct amount of Agent for those urgent or forgotten electrical rooms. 

​SAPPHIRE PLUS system features…:

  • 70-Bar System
  • Higher Fill Densities
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Shorter Installation/Service Time
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Selector Valves
  • Extended Pipe Runs
  • UL Listed & FM Approved
  • EN 12094 Approved
  • LPCB RedBook Listed
  • New System Design Software
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Approved for Occupied Spaces
  • Fast Acting
  • Optimized Pipe Sizes
  • Built-In Actuator Placement Switch​

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