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A fire can spread rapidly without fast intervention. Let the experts at Thompson analyze your facilities needs and recommend a fast acting water sprinkler system that can minimize the damage from smoke and fire. A sprinkler system buys time when time is most precious by suppressing fire until firefighters arrive to extinguish it. That means less damage to your property and a shorter interruption of business. It also means reduced insurance premiums.

Fast Response, Less Damage From Fire

Our factory-trained and certified technicians install and maintain sprinkler systems customized to any facility. When combined with a fire alarm system and integrated to Central Monitoring in Qatar. A fire can be automatically extinguisher and help called to properly insure the fire stays out and allows QCD to investigate the problem so that public safety can be maintained while minimize risk to life, assets and business operations. At Thompson, Installation of a Sprinkler system is only part of the solution. An ongoing routine of inspections is part of our offering to insure proper operations of systems and for compliance to QCD requirements. Ask us to perform an obstruction investigation for your current system (which should occur every five years) to ensure that your sprinkler system is fully functioning.

Fire Pump Testing

Fire Pump Testing is one of the most important tasks that we can expertly perform. Troubleshooting and alleviating pressure issues and insuring proper operation of pump is a core skill we can assist all facilities in Qatar. Ensure your employees, customers, and property are safe from fire. Contact Us to find out about our range of service options and learn how we can protect your business.

Maintenance Schedule

  • Weekly/monthly inspection of gauges depending on system. (dry, pre-action, deluge and wet systems)
  • 3-month inspection of alarm devices, hydraulic nameplate and fire department connections.
  • 1-year inspection of buildings, hanger/seismic bracing, pipe, fittings and sprinklers.
  • 1-year inspections and testing of control valves, alarm switches, gauges, backflow preventer, anti-freeze loops, fire department connections, and visible piping.
  • 1-year inspection and trip test of dry, pre-action, and deluge systems.
  • 5-year inspection of hoses, containers, and piping. (service as needed)
  • 5-year standpipe testing. (including dry standpipe hydrostatic testing)
  • 5-year internal pipe inspections & obstruction investigations. 

Inspection Checklist

  • Inspect all fire department connections.
  • Inspect all flow and pressure switches.
  • Inspect all control valves and tamper switches.
  • Perform a main drain test on all risers noting static and residual water pressure.
  • Test alarms on sprinkler system.
  • If there are dry pipe valves, inspect proper air pressure, water pressure and priming water level.
  • Drain all low point drains on dry sprinkler systems.
  • Verify that the QCD monitoring company receives signal of water flow supervisory devices.

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