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Contact Thompson’s Specialties Middle East for Maintaining your clean agent fire suppression system. This is a crucial part in ensuring the safety of any facility.

Qatar Civil Defense follows the NFPA 2001 which determines the need for, the frequency, and the method for maintaining these very essential systems. As in many cases the water sprinkler system is not installed in same areas this is the only defense against fire. The thorough maintenance of your clean agent fire suppression system is integral in containing and extinguishing fires.

Clean Agent Maintenance Schedule

  • 6-month inspection of suppression agent containers to confirm proper weight and/or pressure.
  • 1-year inspection and testing of entire suppression system including initiating devices, release devices, piping, nozzles, agent containers and signal.
  • 5-year certified inspection of containersreduce likelihood of need to hydrostatic test.*


1. Check all initiating devices and verify time delays for system discharge.
2. Ensure releasing device activates properly.
3. Verify abort device and manual release functionality.
4. Check weight and/or pressure of agent containers.
5. Verify the orientation of all discharge, pipe fittings and nozzles.
6. Perform enclosure “Room integrity test.
7. Check batteries and signal.
8. Verify as-built drawings and flow calculations.
9. All other requirements as per Manufacturer, QCD and Local AHJ

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